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10 Best Bat Mitzvah Gift Ideas that Will Please Every Young Girl

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When a Jewish girl turns 12, she becomes a Bat Mitzvah, which means according to the Jewish religion, that from now on she has all the rights and the obligations of an adult woman. In most traditions and families, this milestone celebrated with a special joyous party.

We all were invited to a Bat Mitzvah and found ourselves in the situation that we wondered what will be the gift to bring, one that girl will truly love? Bat Mitzvah gifts can be tricky, as you might want to offer something more personal and exciting than a check in envelope.

But that will also be compliant with the traditions and sense of modesty imposed by such a religious celebration.

Feels like mission impossible? Don’t worry, as I gathered here for you the ultimate list of the 10 best Bar Mitzvah gift ideas that would please every young girl.

01. Hebrew wishes necklace

Created by a renowned artisan in Israel, these handmade and fashion Jewish necklace with various Hebrew wishes will keep the Bat Mitzvah girl blessed. With this elegant and precious gift, there’s no better way to tell her - “Be blessed with good fortune and luck”, while offering her a trendy fashion accessory that fits any look.

The collection contains round pendant inscribed with the different Hebrew blessings Beriut (health), Hatzlacha (good luck), Osher (happiness) and Mazal (good fortune). And of course, you can mix them all in one necklace, so that, just like a fairy,

So just like a fairy, you provide the Bat mitzvah girl girl with all the blessings in the world with one pendant necklace.

ChenZ | Bat Mitzvah | gift | necklace

02. Siddur

A siddur, the Jewish prayer book with daily prayers can be another gift idea. You can choose either one that is written in Hebrew, a translated Siddur or bilingual one. It arrives with diversified covers such as many options of images, leather cover or even embroidered. It’s a classic choice, you cannot disappoint her - just make sure to personalize the Siddur with a nice handwritten word or a special print.

03. Bible book

When you are invited to a Bat Mitzvah party and you are not so close to the family or really don't know how religious or not they are, but you still want to give a meaningful gift, a Bible is a great idea. For sure its a traditional gift she’ll be able to use for many years.

04. Shabbat Candlesticks

As the Bat Mitzvah girl is reaching the "Age of maturity" she is from now on obligated to keep the Jewish Mitzvahs (good deeds). One of these definitive actions is to light candles before Shabbat enters.

Choose the style you like, Modern design or Traditional and also the candlesticks material according to your budget: silver, glass, etc.

05. Penny box (Saving money box)

It recently became a trend of Bat Mitzvah's donation some or all the cash gifts to charity or any other meaningful goal. So, why not give the girl a charming saving money box.

It can be a handmade artisan box or any other beautiful box you find that be appropriate for.

06. Jewelry box

Let's admit, a twelve years old girl starts to behave as a teenager and likes to have her own jewelry. No doubt she'll get some new jewelry for her Bat Mitzvah and she needs to storage them.

When you buy her a jewelry box, you give her such a practical gift she can use for many many years.

07. Gift card

You are such a cool person who is looking for an original gift that the girl will be happy with and not just to please her parents. Additionally, you know her quite well that she is a young Fashionista.

Give her a Gift card to a fashion store you know she'll love to spend in and no doubt she is going to say: Thank you.

08. On-line course

Here is another idea to give a Bath Mitzvah girl an up to day gift while making her being active. An online course voucher gives her the opportunity to widen her knowledge in a flexible and interactive way.

It is really up to you to choose between DIY online course, cooking course, something about computer or even how to take fantastic selfie photos.

09. Headphones

I am sure you've noticed that teens today are slightly obsessed with music. When you give the Bath Mitzvah girl headphones that work with any iPhone, Android, or MP3 device it will make her feel as she's in the front row. You can choose a colorful pair and if you search the internet you'll find some brands with a good price.

10. A stylish chic wrap bracelet

I arrived at the last gift idea for you one that combines fashion with Jewish tradition: a handcrafted wrap Jewish bracelet for Bath Mitzvah. It made with stylish chic leather strands with dangle Star of David, which is the most beautiful and reminiscent symbol of Judaism. I think it will be such a cool boho gift she will love .

So, why not to give her the best fashion jewelry for this season?

ChenZ | Bat Mitzvah | gift | bracelet

If you made it this far, you must have found some great gift ideas to give the young Bat Mitzvah lady.

I'll be more then happy to hear from you if this gift ideas list helped you in some way.

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